Chapter Management Seminar

Saturday, November 5, 2016


1.  Read the Rules
2.  Properly fill out the front page of the application and sign the 
3.  Fill out the Ascent Chart starting with yourself and working 
4.  Collect the documentation required to prove the facts stated on 
     the Ascent Chart - names (including maiden names of females), 
     dates, and places.
5.  Put your documentation in order according to the Ascent Chart:
          a. Your birth certificate
          b. Your spouse's birth certificate
          c.  Your marriage record
6.  Continue in this manner until you have the documents in order 
     for each ancestor
7.  Use source citations on your documents. Source citations state 
     the Who, What, Where and When of your document
8.  Make sure your name and contact information is on the back of
     each page of documentation submitted
9.  Do not use abstracts and indexes - always look for the original
10. Census records only need to include the family in question, if 
      needed, along with the proper source citation
11. Find-A-Grave information cannot be used to prove lineage. Just
      the picture of the tombstone to confirm dates of birth and
     death can be used.
12. Biographical articles are generally not used to prove lineage,
      but can be used to prove a date of residency
13. All name changes must be documented. Females must be 
      proven by their maiden names
14. Just because you have been accepted in to a lineage society, 
      does not mean you will be accepted in to another lineage
      society. All have their own rules, guidelines, and expectations.
15. Read the Rules
16. Feel free to contact the chair of the individual lineage society if
      you have questions

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